Crew member complains of being made to feel like a ‘clown’

A member of cruise crew, who previously worked as a waiter, has said they were made to feel like a “clown”.

The waiter claimed on Reddit: “I did not enjoy the constant push from supervisors to jump around the tables like a clown entertaining guests.

“I’ve had colleagues showing fake photos of their kids, taking a mouth organ out their pockets and start playing, making funny napkin folds, telling you their hard and probably fake life story during breakfast.”

The waiter said that the staff who were willing to “perform” received great ratings from guests and said that seemed to be very popular with American passengers.

They asked: “I will be switching ships soon and I’m trying to understand your expectations during service. Is this really what you guys want while having dinner?”

On a cruise holiday, passengers may get to know some of the crew, particularly if they dine at the same restaurants every night.

A customer said: “The key for most Americans is just to match our personalities. Just take the tables as they come to you and go with that flow.”

The guest said that different customers would appreciate a different style of service. Some guests prefer efficient and quick service while others want to chat.

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Another guest ‘choc0kitty’ said: “I’m American and I want courteous, professional service. I don’t want your life story, card tricks, jokes or a show of any kind. I find that behaviour intrusive and unprofessional.”

However, not every passenger agreed and some guests said they preferred their waiting staff to put on a show.

One passenger ‘ryarger’ said they loved when their waiter made a huge fuss because they ordered a vegetarian pad thai instead of a classic meat dish.

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The guest added: “I do not know or care one bit if that was faked. It was a moment of personal connection that happened over five years ago now that is still fresh in my memory.”

Another guest said they just wanted the waiting staff to try to remember their name and say hello when they entered the restaurant.

Guests will find that cruise ships often have different styles of service and may have to do some research to find the one that suits them.

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