Cruise guest slammed over tipping

Huge cruise ships usually have thousands of crew onboard to cater to the needs of passengers. A cruise guest has sparked outrage on Reddit with their approach to tipping.

While guests always have the option of leaving individual cash tips for staff, some cruise lines also give passengers the option of pre-paying their gratuities as a package.

A cruise guest ‘elongatedsnail’ wrote on Reddit: “Cancel your prepaid tips and tip in cash. I usually bring a couple of envelopes to hand out to the crew at the end.

“To be honest I don’t know if the crew even gets the tips that are taken automatically. They will appreciate it and I’m sure if you tip them on the first day, they will remember you and give you better service.”

The guest said they usually tipped waiters, sommeliers and room attendants at the end of their cruise.

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However, other passengers weren’t impressed by the tip. One said: “So what about the crew that you never interact with, but benefit you?

“Kitchen staff, laundry staff, ship maintenance etc? I’d rather pay the gratuity and then give extra for service that goes above and beyond.”

If passengers directly tip crew, behind the scenes team members might miss out on getting a share of the tips.

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Another guest said: “This is a horrible thing to do for staff behind the scenes that you never see.

“You’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. Don’t steal tips from the hardworking crew. Pay the daily gratuities and if you feel like it, you can tip extra cash to those you feel go above and beyond.”

One guest added: “My top tip is to be incredibly kind and gracious to staff. It makes your journey go smoother if you are nice to staff because staff will talk behind the scenes if you are rude.”

Prepaid tips may also be easier to navigate for guests who aren’t used to USA style tipping culture. Guests can also leave extra tips for staff who went the extra mile.

Some passengers also like to bring gifts for the crew, with common items including toiletries and snacks.

If guests are concerned about staff receiving prepaid tips, they can contact their cruise line for a breakdown.

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