Cruise guest explains how to have ‘wrinkle free’ clothes

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Cruise ship formal nights can be nerve-wracking for guests who prefer the casual look. Although they’re rarely compulsory, many passengers want to join in to get the full cruise experience.

A worried guest asked on Reddit: “I’m a very light traveller because I hate dealing with luggage at airports. I usually don’t even take a carry-on, just a backpack so I’m more mobile.”

The passenger was concerned that their suit jacket might get wrinkled in the small bag, ruining their formal night outfit.

‘LogicPuzzler’ said: “Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and run a hot shower. The steam will reduce the wrinkles. Bring your own laundry detergent and fabric softener.”

The guest said they liked to bring their own detergent as they often don’t like the smell of the one used by cruise lines.

Another person added: “We are very light travellers. My hack is to wear my sport coat on the plane and hang it up in the first class cabin.

“I also take it off in cars and other transportation we need to take. I have several sports coats that are not wrinkle free but really resist wrinkles and I use them when needed.

“If they do get a wrinkle look, hang them in the bathroom when you shower and the steam will usually remove the lighter wrinkles.

“They also have a pressing service onboard if it’s really bad. The other thing you can do is skip formal night altogether and eat elsewhere.”

The shower steam in the cabin bathroom will usually help get any wrinkles that occur during packing.

Guests can also use the cruise line’s laundry or pressing service but will need to pay an extra fee to do so.

Hanging the jacket in the plane cabin could stop any wrinkles but this won’t be allowed on every airline.

Passengers travelling in economy often won’t have the option to hang up a jacket while on the plane.

Another person advised they didn’t need a jacket at all, saying: “Don’t feel obligated to wear a jacket, a nice dress shirt and you’d blend in just fine.”

Many cruise lines don’t require guests to wear suit jackets and a collared shirt will be smart enough.

Some lines have their dress code guidelines on their website and passengers can check ahead of time.

‘TheComicJester’ said: “From my days as a maitre’d, anyone concerned about dressing properly to ask about it will do just fine on their own.”

If guests are very concerned about the dress code, they could skip formal night onboard altogether.

The ship’s buffet restaurant will usually be open for normal dining and guests can wear whatever they want there.

Some lines have a casual vibe and don’t have a formal night which could be a better fit for formal-averse guests.

On some ships, passengers aren’t allowed to wear shorts or trainers in the dining room in the evenings.

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