Cruise guests issued packing warning as some lines are ‘strict’

Packing for a cruise should be simpler than packing for a flight as passengers won’t have to contend with liquid limits.

However, there can still be a few challenges for new cruise passengers. Guests will have to prepare for dress codes and “chilly” conditions.

Dave Mills, chief commercial officer at Iglu Cruise, has shared his top tips for guests packing for a cruise.

He said: “There is no luggage limit on a cruise, so you take as many clothes as you like, but there are still some top cruise tips to keep in mind.

“On just about every cruise, there will be a formal night where guests can get dressed up in their finery, so if you’re looking to eat in the restaurants or grab a drink at the bar, remember to pack a cocktail dress or a suit.”

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Family friendly cruises are unlikely to have a strict dress code but guests will need to pack a formal outfit for other lines. Dress codes can usually be found on the cruise line’s website.

The ship’s buffet restaurant usually won’t have a dress code but some specialty restaurants will require guests to be smartly dressed.

Dave added: “Some cruise lines may be strict about dress codes, so remember to bring some smart shoes too.

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“If you’re unsure about what may or may not be appropriate, get in touch with your cruise line before you embark.”

Cruise guests should also take care to bring non-slip shoes as the ship decks can be slippery.

Dave said: “It’s also a good idea to pack some layers even if you’re embarking on a voyage in the sun, such as to the Caribbean. The sea breeze can be chilly, so be sure to pack a jumper or a cardigan.”

Even if the weather forecast looks warm, guests should bring layers as wind levels can be high out at sea.

A Fred Olsen a cruise crew member told “My biggest tip, and I hear this from guests a lot, is to check the temperature and bring a selection of clothes.”

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