Cruise guests issued packing warning for important item

Packing for a cruise holiday can be a challenge for tourists who are new to cruising. There are a few items that passengers often forget. spoke to travel expert Nicky Kelvin, editor at The Points Guy, to get his top packing tips for new cruise guests. Nicky said there are a few things passengers might not remember to pack.

He told “A lot of Brits wouldn’t think to pack it, but formal wear is a must. Think a cocktail dress and suit which you think would only be appropriate for an event!

“That’s because on a lot of cruises, guests need to dress up for their evening meal. Of course you can order room service or visit the 24 hour buffets if your cruise has one, but if you want to visit the onboard restaurants, you need to think ‘fancy’ at all times.

“Some cruise liners won’t let guests who are underdressed visit certain entertainment venues on the formal nights, so it is definitely best to be prepared. Check the rules for your cruise carefully.”

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Cruise lines usually have varying dress codes, depending on the style and vibe of the ship. Family friendly cruises will usually have a relaxed dress code.

However, adult only lines often have a formal night where guests are expected to dress up. Guests should be informed of this on their cruise itinerary.

As Nicky said, some cruise lines have formal restaurants where guests will need to wear smart clothing. Guidelines for different restaurants can usually be found on the cruise line’s website.

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Nicky added: “Also research if your specific cruise has a theme night, as they often do. Is it Halloween? Or are they doing a cowboy night just for fun? You don’t want to get stuck and not be able to join in the celebrations.”

Themed nights are common on some cruise lines so guests will need to make sure they have a costume if their cruise includes one. Guests don’t usually have to get involved with a themed night but it can be more fun to do so.

Nicky said: “Bring thank you notes. It might sound silly but being able to leave a little note for the onboard staff just to let them know you appreciate them can often make your time onboard even more enjoyable.”

Guests can leave thank you notes for their cabin attendant or other staff they encounter on the cruise. This can be a thoughtful way to show appreciation for the crew.

Cruise ship crew usually work long hours and may be very far away from their family. Guests could also bring small gifts for staff such as toiletries or sweet treats.

Some cruise lines offer guests the option to prepay their tips as part of the cruise package. If that’s not the case, passengers may want to bring some change to tip the staff.

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