Cruise holidays: Guests share the best ‘undiscovered’ area on a ship – ‘peaceful place’

Jane McDonald takes an American cruise around Alaska

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On Reddit, one cruise guest asked: “Which undiscovered, low-traffic places have you found on a cruise ship?” Guests shared their best secrets.

Many people make friends on cruise ships and it can be great fun to holiday with so many people.

But when guests need a bit of time to themselves, there are a few areas that offer some peace and quiet.

One Reddit user said: “How quiet are the libraries on the ship? Also are they open all night?

“That sounds like a peaceful place to take a coffee and just relax.”

Many cruise ships have a library where guests can relax with a good book after a busy day out.

Another user said: “We love the libraries. They are usually empty or might have two other people who are also quiet because we are all reading.”

As on land, the ship’s library is a quiet place to have a coffee or read a book if guests want to relax.

One guest said: “The very front of the ship at night is a cool spot.”

Guests should be careful going to the front of the ship at night and should not do so if conditions are windy.

However, on a calm night cruise holidaymakers will be able to enjoy an incredible sense of peace and quiet.

But one cruise guest wasn’t a fan. They said: “If you enjoy untangling your hair for the rest of the voyage. Or just be bald.”

Passengers might get a bit windswept, but some guests say it’s worth the tangled hair to see the ocean at night.

Another guest said: “The deck with the running track on the Disney ships is nice. It’s just shuffleboard, chaise lounges and the occasional jogger.

“Nothing dazzling enough to attract a crowd, and it’s close to the water, deck four or five.”

Jogging on a ship is a unique experience and could be a good way to get a little time alone on a busy trip.

Another said they’d found “an out of the way spot with lounge chairs set up, no foot traffic to speak of, where you could just relax with a book and be undisturbed.”

They added: “I can’t tell you how many times on that 11 night cruise I went there, read a page and a half, then passed out for an hour.”

One guest recommended: “There is normally a free sauna or steam room in the locker rooms off the gym.”

The ship’s spa and pool area can get very busy during peak hours so the gym steam rooms could be far more private.

However, for some guests finding a private spot just isn’t a priority on a cruise holiday.

They can only be found mingling on the ship’s excursions, in the main dining room or one of the ships’ nightlife venues.

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