Disney Treasure entertainment to include Moana show

Disney Cruise Line will introduce a Broadway-style production featuring the story of Moana on the new Disney Treasure. 

Disney Treasure entertainment to include Moana show

Fashioned after the Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Moana,” the first-of-its-kind theater production will follow Moana as she sets off on a quest to save her island. The show will include characters from the film, including Gramma Tala, the demigod Maui and Tamatoa the crab. The show will feature songs from the soundtrack. 

Disney revealed details about the Treasure last month and teased that it would offer a new theatrical production. Shows on the ship in addition to “Disney The Tale of Moana” include “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure.”

The Treasure is expected to begin sailing in December 2024.

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