This Hotel Is Hiding a Michelin-star Restaurant in One of Its Rooms – and We Know How to Get a Key

On its own, The Langham, New York is already a swoon-worthy hotel, but just wait until you see what's hiding behind the door in room 1101.

Located on Fifth Avenue, The Langham has long welcomed discerning guests looking to check into chic rooms overlooking the city's skyline. However, the hotel wants to make sure both guests and day visitors alike can take in the view from the absolute best vantage point. And that's where the Sky Terrace comes in.

The only way to visit the Sky Terrace, an outdoor off-shoot of its Michelin-starred restaurant, Ai Fiori, is by checking in at the main restaurant on the hotel's 2nd floor. From there, you'll get a room key that takes you up the elevator to the 11th floor. Then, you simply use it to open room 1101 and enter the oasis.

"Just in time for New York City to re-open as a tourism destination, the Sky Terrace is a unique experience available to both hotel guests and local diners that showcases two of the best features of our hotel – our spacious guest rooms and our unparalleled city views," the hotel's managing director, Richard Bussiere, shared with Travel + Leisure. "We have been partners with Ai Fiori since we opened The Langham. This extension of our partnership is a very exciting one and one that I think everyone is going to love."

Beyond the views overlooking Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building, the restaurant also offers up luxurious bites from Chef Lauren DeSteno, including a summertime version of lasagna. Guests are encouraged to stay for dessert and try pastry chef Rachel Pancho's semi-freddo popsicles, and as many summer-themed cocktails as they'd like.

And, for those who don't want the fun to end, the hotel even added an overnight stay at The Langham to the restaurant menu. Diners who choose this option will be directed to the hotel's guest services team who will confirm a rate, present the diner with a key, and a Langham Pink overnight kit, which includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving kit, comb, and a #LovingLangham sleep mask.

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