Airline introduces ‘adults only’ zone on flights complete with extra legroom

Flying with children can be stressful as you worry they’ll annoy the whole plane by crying. One mum was called a "fat c***" for bringing her toddler into first class.

Usually, we’re all aware that there may be a screaming baby on-board – and we just have to ignore it. But, while it can’t be helped the sound of an upset little one can stop other holidaymakers from relaxing or sleeping.

So, one airline has decided to give travellers a choice. They can either sit in the usual cabin and risk being next to children or babies or they can now sit in an adults only section.

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Corendon airline will ban all children and babies from the special "Only Adult" area on its A350 flights between Amsterdam and the Carribean island of Curacao. Holidaymakers will be able to choose the kid-free cabin from November 3 2023.

The special section will sit at the front of the plane and have nine XL seats which have extra legroom. There will also be an additional 93 normal seats in the child-free zone.

The carrier noted that the cabin will be separated from the rest of the plane – where little ones are welcome – by walls and curtains. It says this will "create a shielded environment that contributes to a calm and relaxed flight".

Seat reservations can be made in the child-free zone by anyone aged 16 and over. It will cost £38 extra for a regular seat on top of your airfare and £85 for an extra-large seat with legroom on top of your fare.

The Dutch carrier added: 'This zone in the aircraft is intended for passengers travelling without children and for business travellers who want to work in a quiet environment. At the same time, the introduction of the Only Adult zone also has a positive effect for parents with children. They don't have to worry as much about possible reactions from fellow passengers if their child is a bit busier or cries.'

Atilay Uslu, founder of Corendon, said: 'On board our flights, we always strive to respond to the different needs of our customers. We are also the first Dutch airline to introduce the Only Adult zone, because we cater to travellers looking for some extra peace of mind during their flight. We also believe this can have a positive effect on parents travelling with small children. They can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children make more noise.'

We’re sure the child-free zone will be popular with business men and women as well as those who are travelling for an extended period. Plus, anyone who has had a terrible experience with kids on a plane – find out more at

Recently, a parent was slammed after a video showed their child wearing a glow-in-the-dark outfit on a red-eye overnight flight. The small child’s costume not only glowed with multicoloured lights but also flashed with a strobe effect.

We’re pretty sure nobody sat by them got any sleep on that flight. A cabin crew member said: "As a flight attendant I’d say put that it away. There are people trying to rest, read, watch a movie etc.

"Also there are people with disabilities and this can be incredibly annoying and irritating for them. Leave stuff like this for home, or amusement parks. Not in a tiny tin can at 30 000ft in the air. Some folks have sensitive eyes please consider others around you."

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