Man’s hilarious ‘hack’ to make space-invading plane passengers move smelly feet

Leg room on a flight is limited for everyone – but the space you pay for is yours for the duration of your journey.

The last thing you want to deal with on a long flight is someone invading your personal space – especially someone who has their bare feet out.

That's what happened when one bloke settled into his seat only to find a space-invading passenger was sitting behind him.

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In the clip, which was posted on social media by @autobotoptimuspri, showed a man staring into the camera.

He then turned the lens onto the feet sticking out from underneath his seat.

The situation is far from ideal – but he had a fool-proof way to sort them ou.

He tipped some water onto the exposed toes and the offending foot was yanked away immediately.

In the caption on the clip, which has gained more than 600 views, he wrote: "Always keep your feet to yourself."

TikTok users were left howling with laughter over the hilarious hack as some branded him a "hero" for sharing it online.

One person reacting to the clip said: "At least you used fresh cold water."

Another added: "That dude is my hero."

A third wrote: "I woulda done the same."

Other users simply responded with laughing emojis.

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There are lots of things fellow flyers can do to annoy people – from coughing to listening to music and eating smelly food are all irritating.

We can usually ignore minor annoyances – especially those people can’t help like crying babies or travel sickness.

But some behaviour crosses a serious line and breaks every rule of polite flying etiquette as some travellers have condemned people going barefoot on flights.

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