BBC star stuck abroad warns other Brits that airport has ‘run out of beer’

Yesterday, thousands of people were left stranded at the airport or stuck abroad after a system failure occurred with the UK’s air-traffic control system. Holidaymakers took to Twitter to share delays of hours – or even days.

One couple were stuck in Switzerland and could only get home by booking a flight for tomorrow, August 30. They’ve shelled out over £1,400 due to the delays.

While reports state that the system issue has now been fixed many Brits are still having their outgoing flights delayed. Thousands are also stuck abroad waiting to get a flight home – with some saying the small airports they were at had "no food" available.

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But, it wasn’t getting dinner that worried one traveller in Spain. Jordan North posted on Twitter, now known as X, complaining that the airport had run out of another important resource – beer.

Sharing a snap to his profile, @jordannorth1, BBC presenter and podcaster, said: "Delayed at Malaga airport for possibly ‘many hours’, and they’ve ran out of beer at the terminal!"

The photo showed draft pumps of both Heineken and Cruzcampo with cups over the handles indicating they could no longer be sold. The image quickly went viral with thousands of likes and over 500,000 views.

Fellow passengers who were stuck at airports around the world weighed in with their experiences. Rachael Davidson showed a snap of a KitKat and a Pepsi and said: "We’ve just been given our first complimentary drink been stuck on the plane in the terminal at Malaga for 5 hours now."

Meanwhile, Rhys was waiting for a flight to Italy from the UK and noted: "Same here in Gatwick awaiting a flight to Pisa. We've discovered that Pret serves beer."

Some posters theorised that the airport may not have actually run out of booze. One person noted: "Is beer the only alcohol they sell there? Can’t help but feeling they might be trying to stop passengers getting drunk and aggressive."

While another said: "They probably have not, just been ordered not to, so too many people don't get pissed before getting on a flight, they commonly do this in delays."

But, one helpful poster reminded Jordan that in Spain, Burger King sells beer. However, the presenter did not confirm whether he had managed to locate a drink.

Amanda Jones said: "Dear God flight delayed is one thing, no beer is a step too far." While Dan Morris added: "Thoughts with you at this difficult time."

It's important to note that while you're welcome to enjoy a beverage at the airport it is an offence to be drunk on a plane. If you drink too much ahead of boarding you could be denied entry to the plane.

Plus, anyone caught drinking their own alcohol on a flight – rather than that bought from the airline – could be handed a hefty fine. So be sensible and don't get drunk.

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