‘Beautiful’ European city is one of this year’s cheapest autumn city breaks

Looking for a cheap autumnal city break? Sofia, Bulgaria’s charming capital city could be the ideal destination.

According to the travel expert team at loveholidays, Sofia is one of the most affordable destinations for Britons looking to escape the UK this season.

The team’s research found that a package holiday costs around £40 per night per person in Sofia while the price of a hot drink was just £1.80.

Just a quick search on loveholidays website revealed a seven-night stay at easyHotel in the Bulgarian capital including flights from just £140 per person.

Or enjoy a four-star stay at Vitosha Park Hotel including flights from £216 per person. For more ways to find out how to save money on a last-minute holiday, see our round-up of some of the best last-minute deals on offer right now

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Sofia’s top tourist attraction is the St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the city’s most striking landmark. The cathedral is one of the largest Christian church buildings in the world.

A tourist ‘AlisonJ_10’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “Beautiful and serene. Even having seen all the photos of this iconic cathedral, it was still more impressive in real life!”

‘Heather e’ said: “Must see for Sofia. Beautifully decorated. Several impressive domes. This is an architectural masterpiece.”

Vitosha Boulevard, the city’s main shopping street, is another must-see with a huge range of restaurants and bars to explore.

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Children will love Sofia’s Museum of Illusions where they can pose for upside-down photos and test the laws of gravity.

Top dishes to try in Sofia include shopska salad, a salad made up of cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and cheese or banitsa, Bulgaria’s national pastry.

For dessert, opt for baklava, a flaky pastry often filled with walnuts and pistachios and drizzled with syrup.

Al Murray, chief marketing officer at loveholidays, said: “When autumn falls, many of us are drawn outdoors to savour the best of the season.

“With the UK weather known to be so unpredictable, especially during these wetter months, there is a great choice of destinations offering the best of autumn whilst guaranteeing the ideal conditions for exploring.

“For Brits seeking an autumnal getaway without breaking the bank, several short-haul and long-haul destinations provide excellent value for money and great local experiences.”

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