British expat slams Australia – ‘no one wants to have fun’

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The British expat posted her complaints about Australia on TikTok on her account ‘glasbyj’. The woman said she had lived on the Sunshine Coast for four years.

She said she hated that “everywhere is closed by 8pm” and that there was “no eating out past 7pm”.

The woman added another of her pet peeves which that she claimed it’s “not acceptable to walk around in bikinis”.

She also thought there was “no nightlife” on the Sunshine Coast and no “open sea boat trips”.

The woman also bemoaned the lack of “beach bars” and said that “no one wants to have fun” in the popular area.

She captioned her video, ‘time for the next adventure’ which seemed to suggest she would soon be moving on.

But not everyone was happy about her complaints with one local commenting: “Well goodbye, thanks for visiting.”

Another wrote: “Where on the Sunshine Coast? Grew up there, bikinis and thongs were absolutely accepted everywhere.”

One person said: “I’ve lived here my whole life. Most people day drink, drive up the beach, and absolutely wear bikinis and no shoes everywhere, along the actual coast.”

But there were some commenters who seemed to agree with the woman’s complaints about the Sunshine Coast.

One said: “Lol retirement central. Gold Coast is more that scene” while another joked that the “biggest danger is getting hit by a pram.”

Australia’s Sunshine Coast is located in southern Queensland and includes beach resorts, surf hotspots and rural areas.

Stretching for more than 60km, the Sunshine Coast has white sand beaches and national parks.

Over 20 percent of the Sunshine Coast’s population was born overseas according to World Population Review statistics.

The area is very popular with tourists who are attracted by the stunning beaches and surfing opportunities.

Residents can also explore several national parks such as Mapleton Falls, Kondadilla and the Glass House Mountains.

The Glass House Mountains Park is often called the most unusual featuring several trails that wind through thick forest.

British expats in Australia may be shocked by the cost of housing which can be high compared to the UK.

Melbourne was recently named the friendliest city in the world for British expats by experts William Russell.

The city is known as Australia’s capital of coffee and is one of the country’s top tourist destinations.

It is known for its buzzing nightlife scene and may have been a better choice for the disgruntled British expat.

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