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Brits are nearly as ‘holiday deprived’ now as they were at the height of the pandemic due to financial worries and restrictive work schedules, according to a global study.

Levels of vacation deprivation – where people work too much and go on too few holidays – worldwide have reached a 10-year high as adults navigate work and personal travel barriers.

The annual report, which polled more than 14,500 people across 16 countries, found 20 percent of working adults expect to postpone a holiday this year.

And 21 percent cite financial reasons as the biggest factor keeping them from using their holiday time, according to the research commissioned by Expedia.

In the UK, this rises to a quarter, who say the worry of not being able to afford a trip away is the main reason for not using all their annual leave.

And 56 percent of UK adults feel holiday deprived, the second-highest rate seen in the past 10 years.

This is almost on a par with deprivation levels Brits reported in 2021 (63 percent), which followed a year characterised by travel restrictions and lockdowns.

Ariane Gorin, president of Expedia for Business, said: “Holiday deprivation is a feeling of not having enough annual leave or when your well-deserved time off is not used to relax or re-charge.

“Going too long without taking a break can lead to burnout.”

The report also found seven in 10 working Brits would be more motivated to change their job if they had the chance to get more annual leave.

While 62 percent are working remotely to make the most of their holidays and annual leave allowance.

But 44 percent aren’t willing to sacrifice a summer holiday this year, with 27 percent having already booked international travel and 21 percent have planned domestic trips.

In the USA, citizens receive and take the fewest vacation days annually compared to the rest of the world.

More than half of US (58 percent) and global (56 percent) respondents said their workplace or industry is battling labour shortages, making it challenging to take time off.

But despite 72 percent feeling impacted by inflation, Americans continue to prioritise travel.

On average, they are twice as likely to cut back on their grocery bills and dining out than consider postponing a vacation. 

To help ease holiday deprivation, Expedia has multiple tools available to Brits that takes the stress out of planning.

Ariane Gorin added: “Alarmingly, a quarter of Brits say the worry of not being able to afford a trip away is the main reason for not using all of their annual leave.

“Which is why we are helping travellers get away this year through great hotel rates, price tracking for flights and loyalty member savings.”

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