Brits will race to Spanish beaches this summer due to vaccine, says Ryanair boss

Brits will be racing to go on sunny holidays abroad in European destinations this summer, claims Ryanair boss Micheal O’Leary.

The discount airline founder said that the vaccination rollout scheme would mean that holiday hot spots like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece could all expect to see UK tourists again in 2021.

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme he explained that with the UK hoping to vaccinate everyone over 50, alongside Europe’s comparable goal, he expects a "strong recovery of beach holidays and family holidays going to Europe this summer".

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Once the vaccine reduces the rate of coronavirus deaths, he said: “We expect to see a very strong return of British families travelling to the beaches of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece in relative safety this summer thanks to the vaccine programme."

Michael added: "I think [there will be a] strong return to travel and normality for the travel sector by the end of 2021."

However, ministers have warned the public not to book holidays abroad this summer for now.

Cabinet minister, Liz Truss, emphasised that quarantine and Covid test rules around foreign travel were likely to be “quite permanent” and so it was too soon to make plans for the summer.

She told LBC : "We have to just focus on step by step and summer holidays, I’m afraid, are a lower priority than getting kids back to school.

"If there is one thing we have learnt during the coronavirus crisis so far, is how unpredictable things are, what things could emerge.

“I think it would be very dangerous for a government minister to [make] promises about people’s summer holidays."

Covid vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi reiterated this information and said it was “too early” to think about summer trips abroad.

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, also said that summer holidays overseas were unlikely.

He said that a British staycation was a better idea.

He told BBC Politics East: "In six months we'll be in the middle, I hope, of a happy and free Great British summer."

The Ryanair boss did day that even if holidays are allowed to proceed there would be "less capacity there to be able to accommodate that demand" due to a number of airlines going bust or limiting flight schedules.

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