‘Cheapest’ European holiday for Britons named – and it’s ‘a beautiful place’

Recent research by Saxo revealed the 10 cheapest European holiday destinations for British tourists this year.

Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe, came first with an average price of £214.92 in total for a three-day trip this June 2023.

Having a coffee in Bulgaria costs £1.80 and a hotel stay for three nights is around £117.30. Flights from the UK could cost holidaymakers around £50 return and a museum entrance fee is £6.07 on average.

Bulgaria was followed by Poland with an average beer costing £2.50 and a three-night stay costing around £262.

Travel guru Simon Calder recently recommended Sopot, on the Polish Riviera, and said it is an “absolutely beautiful resort and is also incredibly good value”.

In Bulgaria, British tourists can visit the capital Sofia and the seaside town of Burgas, one of the best places to see in the country.

For a beach holiday, experts at travel site Theculturetrip recommended Sozopol with “just the perfect amount of old houses, artistic atmosphere and beach life”.

They advised: “Take a walk in the old town where many of the houses are more than a century old and then take the stairs down to the little Old Town Beach, or shop around for works of art.” The best beaches in Sozopol are Kavatsi Beach and Smokinya Beach.

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Financial expert at investment platform Saxo, Anaam Raza, commented: “At a time when the cost of living crisis is biting hard into people’s disposable incomes and savings, it is more important than ever to find cheaper alternatives to our normal spending habits.”

The expert added that research clearly shows “that you can still travel this summer to beautiful places without having to break the bank”.

Other affordable countries to visit this year are Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic and Albania, all under £400 for a three-night stay.

The cheapest holidays in 2023

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Poland
  3. Romania
  4. Hungary
  5. Serbia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Albania
  8. Germany
  9. Turkey
  10. Latvia

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