Huge £15.5m play space with fairy grottos, goblin lairs and slides to open in UK

An enormous “magical village” costing £15.5million to build is set to be installed at The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland.

The brain child of the Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy, the play space will be themed around elves, fairies, dwarves and goblins.

The project, called Lilidorei, will be a fairytale wonderland for kids to get stuck into.

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And, it’s planned to be the biggest play structure in the world…

Magical creatures like pixies and dwarves will live within their nine clan houses across the 40-acre land of The Alnwick Garden.

This means little ones can explore fairy grottos, goblin hideaways and plenty of slides to scoot down.

There are also treehouses, climbing areas and more…

Food and drink will be available at a stall so kids can tuck into hot chocolate as they escape every day life for the world of magic.

Due to be completed in early 2023, Lilidorei will add 50 new jobs to the garden as well as hundreds more in the wider community.

And, it’s hoped that Lilidorei will get children away from the screens of smartphones or iPads for a while.

Plus, the park will offer “Free Fridays” during term time allowing primary schoolchildren in the county and its surroundings areas to visit the attraction for free.

The magical village will be lit up with Christmas trees and fairy lights among the nine houses that will sit in a forest clearing.

The Duchess of Northumberland said: "Lilidorei has lived in my imagination for the past 12 years and I am delighted to bring my creative vision to life.

“The saddest thing is when scientists disprove theories, and we are told that the Loch Ness Monster doesn’t exist or that the tooth fairy isn’t real or that Santa is make-believe.

"Lilidorei turns all this upside down. It exists and it is captivating. We cannot wait to open the doors to Lilidorei and release the magic."

She continued: "Play is important for the mind and body – it isn’t something we just 'do'.

“Using the best craftsmen and film set designers Lilidorei will transport the visitor into a fantastical world of play and I’m so happy that it is going to appear in Northumberland."

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed back the opening of Lilidorei, but now that the first house has been installed it’s hoped that it will open in spring next year.


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