Crowds cheer as ‘idiot’ tourists get three cars stuck in the middle of beach

Cornwall is a popular UK hotspot for both staycations and foreign tourists. Thanks to its bright blue sea, white sandy beaches and gorgeous sunsets it’s drawn more and more holidaymakers over the years.

But, the influx of tourists hasn’t always sat well with the locals. Especially when those from outside of the southwestern county act foolishly or don’t think about others when out and about.

The latest naughty behaviour by holidaymakers caused Cornish residents to label the culprits "idiots". To be frank, this time we’re not surprised as the bumbling holidaymakers managed to drive onto the beach and get stuck.

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A local man was left laughing after he spotted the three cars stranded on a Cornish beach, saying "idiot summer" has begun. Connor Duffy, 33, a chef from Newquay, Cornwall, was gobsmacked after spotting the vehicles drive onto Towan Beach.

Despite there apparently being plenty of parking spots based around the golden sands of the beach the cars instead chose to drive onto it. The three cars soon had to get help from the RNLI service in Newquay as they became stuck on the usually idyllic coast.

Connor, from Newquay, said: "They all drove down together… didn’t look like they knew each other as they were all separate cars.

"They then had to get two RNLI trucks to leave their posts of lifeguarding to come and sort them out. They had to be pulled out by locals as no tractors could be called in.

"Then they had to clear the ramp as they each took turns at speeding up the beach and onto the ramp without getting stuck again. Lifeguards tried to sort it as quickly as possible, and did so."

He reported that a crowd soon gathered around the cars and cheered when they were removed from the beach and and sent up a ramp. Perhaps even more shockingly though, Connor says it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Tourists driving without paying proper attention apparently wind up stranded on the beach on a weekly basis. Connor said: "Just shows common sense isn’t really that common.

"Happens at least once a week now due to tourists not reading the signs and thinking that they are fine to do so. It’s the same with the bins on the beaches, tourists put still-burning coals in the bin and set it on fire.

"Fire engines are down all the time over the summer because people don’t know how to go to the beach, safely. Shame really.

"But this was funnier to watch than anything too serious. Some say entitled people, but it was just a bunch of silly people who don’t think very hard."

Just last year, a tourism boss slammed holidaymakers who travelled to Cornwall. The head of Cornwall’s tourist board has caused controversy after slamming "bloodytourists" in the region.

Malcom Bell, who is chief executive of Visit Cornwall, made the comments about visitors to England’s southwest coast. He noted: "In my mind, visitors fall into five unofficial categories – at one level you have friends, then you have guests, then you have tourists, then you have bloody tourists, then you have ****ing emmets. You can quote me on that.”

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