English town famous for Dracula and Goth weekends is perfect for an autumn visit

Whitby: Ariel footage shows seaside town in North Yorkshire

If you are looking to visit somewhere beautiful in the autumntime or looking to have fun this Halloween then Whitby should be the next place you visit. 

Whitby is a small seaside town located in North Yorkshire which is thought to be the best place to eat fish and chips in the whole of the UK. 

Not only is the place filled with lots of stunning scenery to take an autumn walk in, but  Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was greatly inspired by Whitby when writing the famous novel and the town now holds many spooky festivals to celebrate the most famous vampire in the world. 

Whitby is also known for its postcard-perfect harbour and lighthouses plus has lots of historic buildings and museums to celebrate the town’s rich history which dates back to the bronze age. The area is famous for its association with Captain James Cook, thought to be one of the greatest explorers of all time and the inspiration for the character of the same name in Peter Pan. 

There are plenty of both spooky and autumn-themed to do in Whitby but this beautiful town is worth a visit no matter what time of year you wish to travel. 

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Why visit Whitby in October? 

Whitby is known for its October Seaside Vintage Fair and will be celebrating its tenth year running with over 40 stalls of genuine vintage clothing, jewellery, furniture, homewares and other items for anyone looking for some unique finds.

There are also plenty of Ghost Walks in Whitby at this time of the year which can be family and dog-friendly. Not only will it get you in the mood for Halloween, but you can explore the town’s local folklore and history as well as some mysterious. 

One major attraction in Whitby is the North Moors Railway which holds events throughout the year for the Pullman Dining Experience. Not only will you enjoy some delicious food and wine, but you can take a trip to explore North Yorkshire’s beautiful autumn scenery in comfort. 

However, if you are looking to see some autumn foliage up close then visitors are encouraged to go for a walk in the Cleveland Way footage, which runs through North York Moors National Park. It will show you some stunning views of the coastline and heathered-colours moors and is thought to be an unforgettable autumn experience for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Whitby is also known for its whale-watching tours, and October can be a great time to see these magnificent creatures but visitors will also be lucky to see jellyfish, sunfish and even maybe sharks. 

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What to do in Whitby for Halloween? 

People around the world go visit Whitby in October for the ruins of Whitby Abbey, which was one of the main inspirations for Bram Stoker when he first wrote the novel Dracula in 1897. 

The town is mentioned in Dracula and some character names in the novel can also be found in the local graveyard. It is also believed that Stoker checked out a book at the local library about the historic figure Vlad the Impaler, who has also known as Dracula, while visiting Whitby. 

The town of Whitby now puts on an incredible light show in celebration of Dracula at Whitby Abbey in late October, and even have someone dress up as the famous Count to wander around to bring the vampire tale to life for the occasion. 

Whitby is also the home of Goth Weekend from the 27th of October, which is an alternative music festival which encourages goths from around the world to meet up, as well as encourage visitors to dress up in black clothing to join in the fun. 

There are plenty of things to do in Whitby for Goth Weekend outside of the music festival, which includes club events, local market stalls, and a charity football match between the local football club Stokoemotiv Whitby and visiting goths, who have their own football team called Real Goths.

There is also a meet-up on Friday evening, referred to as being for ‘Whitby Virgins’ for anyone new to the festival and looking for help being introduced to the vent.

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