Ex-flight attendant shares horror stories – from Mile High Club to vile toilets

A former Love Islander, who had to work as a flight attendant, shared horror stories at work.

Laura Anderson says being cabin crew is far from classy and her experiences range from fling poo to frisky first class passengers.

The 33-year-old worked as an air hostess for 10 years and covered airlines including Qantas and Emirates. She initially trained at 17 on flights to Ibiza.

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In an interview with The Sun, the reality TV star revealed her first few flights were ‘carnage’, with people even openly having sex in the seats.

And both first class and economy are as bad as each other.

She said: “I once saw a girl straddling a guy with a blanket over them, while we were landing."

When speaking about the first class, she continued: “I've literally seen people get together in front of me in the lounge.

“I was on a night flight and there was a woman and man who came separately on the flight then left together.”

Similarly, the Mile High Club made a frequent recurrence, with first-class passengers trying to sneak off to shower together.

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But Laura says staff are so busy they don’t care, and instead claims ‘honestly, enjoy yourself’.

The star told of how during one flight to Indonesia the entire plane wreaking – after investigating they found a woman had brought a hot plate and was cooking up fish in her seat.

Laura told the woman that isn’t allowed, and the passenger simply asked if she would cook it for her then.

Another disgusting incident included poo smeared all over the mirror, wall and toilet during a 10-hour flight from Dubai.

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The 33-year-old says all the staff began laughing and crying as soon as they saw the foul scene, knowing they’d have to clean it up.

Flying first class means that Laura has bumped into a lot of famous faces, including Twilight’s Kellan Lutz who asked for her number.

But the star says that when it came to their date, she accidentally stood him up when jet lag caught up with her and she slept through their date.


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