Flight attendant says you’ll get ‘special treatment’ if you tip plane crew

When flying there are plenty of flight secrets that cabin crew have shared, including what passengers do to try and get upgrades or attentive treatment on the plane.

One flight attendant even recently revealed that passengers often give her gifts and even Starbucks cards when they board.

Of course being polite and helpful will always make the crew more likely to help you out while being drunk or disrespectful is a great way to end up ignored all flight…

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But, cabin crew members on Reddit recently revealed that giving your air hostess a tip is more likely to get you “special treatment” on board.

Posting on the forum, a business flyer wrote: "I fly every other Tuesday for work, mostly first class. If the flight attendants are attentive and serve me at least three times, I usually feel like I should tip them to show gratitude.

"The problem is I don’t want to come off as rude, a buddy of mine says he tried to slip the flight attendant a $10 once and they made a snide remark about 'not being a bartender'."

He admitted he thought of buying Starbucks gift cards and handing them out in the hope that he would get "better service".

The frequent flyer added: "It just bugs me sometimes when they get me a drink and then go hangout and read a book or BS with the other flight attendants and I can’t bring myself to push the button to call them for a drink and not an emergency."

Within the comments, a number of flight attendants replied and confirmed that a cash tip or gift could bank you more attentive service.

One worker said: "I'm an FA. I would offer them the money and if they refuse, leave it at that. You will get more people that appreciate it than you will that won't appreciate it. I totally support the Starbucks giftcard idea.

"Ive always got special treatment when I've done that when flying for leisure. I always suggest it to my friends when they fly."

Another commented: "This weekend a guy slipped me a $20. Needed a charger and our plane didn't have one, lent him my personal. I've done that with others before that haven't tipped as well, but it sure didn't hurt.

"That being said, you'll get better overall service if you bring goodie bags filled with nuts or dark chocolate and Starbucks cards for the crew on board."

However, not everyone agreed that tips would get you special treatment.

One flight attendant noted: "Our policy is to refuse at first but if it’s insisted we take it. That said I like money. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna give better service, my service is always excellent. But it’s not unnoticed or unappreciated."

A second said: "I love money. I’ll take money. It won’t make me check on you any sooner or more frequently. Don’t hand me money in advance and expect me to come around more often for drinks.”

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While another said that the rules varied by country and airline, and that some flight attendants are not allowed to accept tips or gifts from passengers.

However, one member of cabin crew had an alternative suggestion which could help benefit flight attendants and avoid a potentially awkward situation.

They suggested : “I would rather a [passenger] send in an email to the company to comment on the crew that had impressed them."

Would you ever tip a flight attendant? Tell us in the comments…


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