Flight attendant shares the ‘tastiest’ food you can order on board

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Plane food may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there are some meals that are nicer than others – according to a former British Airways flight attendant. Samantha Pape spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her top in-flight foodie tips.

If your flight duration is over a certain length of time, your airline will provide an in-flight meal(s).

But according to the travel insider, some dishes are more appetising than others.

Samantha recommended one particular meal to Express.co.uk readers: “The pasta dishes are always the tastiest.”

Samantha also revealed her top tips for getting the fastest food service possible on your flight.

When picking a seat on the plane, some might prioritise a window seat, aisle seat – or anywhere far away from a crying baby.

But Samantha suggested that your seat might also impact when your food is served to you.

If you’re after a quick meal service, there are two possible places to sit – and one to avoid.

Samantha told Express.co.uk: “Food is usually served from front of the cabin to the back.”

“On particularly busy flights food might be served from one trolley at the top and another trolley at the back.

“So, something to bear in mind when choosing your seats – top of the cabin is usually best for first service.”

This implies that the middle of the plane is a no-go for travellers who want their meals sharpish.

What you order might also have an impact on when you get served, according to the insider.

She said: “If you pre-order a meal (dietary requirements), you’ll be served first.

“There is always one meat and one veggie option anyway, but if you pre-order a vegetarian you’ll get served before everyone else.”

Samantha also told holidaymakers how they can save some money on board by asking for some free snacks.

“On long-haul flights (BA and most carriers) you don’t pay for any refreshments onboard.

“Feel free to ask for an extra coke/wine/bag of pretzels whenever you fancy.”

Many forget about this hack and spend loads of money at the airport on snacks that could be acquired (free of charge) on the plane.

Finally, Samantha revealed the plane beverage to avoid at all costs – and it might surprise you.

“Avoid drinking the tap water! The water tanks are not cleaned enough (if ever), there’s a reason we serve bottled water. If you have a bottle that you want filling, just ask the flight attendant.”

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