Flight attendants ‘popped champagne’ after passengers joined Mile High Club

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Flight attendant and ex-Love Island star Amy Hart has revealed the moment a cabin crew found out their passengers had been getting down and dirty – and had a rather unexpected response.

The Mile High Club is used to reference when a couple have sex on an aircraft, usually in the tiny toilets.

The rise in popularity and accessibility of first class travel has meant more brazen passengers have tried to join this exclusive club due to its extra space.

And, contributing to Channel 5 programme Upgrade Me: Secrets of First Class, former flight attendant and ex-Love Island contestant Amy Hart revealed those working on the plane sometimes make light-hearted fun of the frolicking.

Amy explained: “People think the Mile High Club is a lot more glamorous than it actually is.”

Recalling an episode that one of her cabin crew friends experienced, she said: “There were two empty seats but only one occupied toilet.

“The cabin manager got the whole crew round the door and when they came out, presented them with a bottle of champagne.

“The wife was mortified but the husband found it really funny.”

And if you think joining the Mile High Club is unromantic for passengers, the consequences are even worse for flight attendants.

“As an air-steward, it was also our job to clean the bathrooms, we would find knickers and condoms”, confessed TV presenter and former attendant Brian Dowling.

“I was actually surprised at the amount of people getting intimate on the aircraft and having sex in the toilets.”

This was confirmed by Shauhni, who currently works as senior cabin crew. She said: “Personally, I don’t know why they do it. Those toilets are pretty gross.”

Still, the club’s membership is only likely to continue to grow in the future.

Travel expert Simon Calder explained that the appeal of joining the group “is why you’re seeing double beds starting to emerge for first class passengers”. “All very discreet but ultimately probably still illegal,” he added.

“Quite a lot of people in first class are paying for more than just comfort.”

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