‘I spend £12k a pop on glam trips to Dubai but men offer to fly me out for free’

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A young model who owns businesses valued at £1.47m in her early 20s has opened up about the “crazy” world of Influencer travel – from £12,000 holidays to free yacht trips.

Cansel Özyalcin, who lives in Germany, claims she’s made more money than she “could have imagined” after launching three businesses at just 20 years old.

She grew up in a family of seven from a Turkish immigrant family with “little support”.

Cansel has since gone on to be a successful influencer with over 315,000 followers on her @canselguel page – and rakes in the cash from her fashion and beauty companies.

Now, she splits her time between Berlin and Dubai thanks to her businesses BABESFASHION and SLAYNAILS.

And, she’s offered an inside look at a world most Brits couldn’t even imagine.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Cansel said: “I enjoy privileges that others don't have.

“It is common to organise big events in different cities from brands. At these events you meet different influencers, TikTokers and YouTubers."

Cansel added: “Depending on the reach of the profile, all costs such as flight and accommodation are paid by the brands.

“I have already been invited to very unique locations like huge yachts or events in the highest pool in the world.”

And the city that attracts thousands of influencers from around the world each year is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Known for being ostentatious and filled with luxury, what is it about the city that attracts the bright and the beautiful?

Cansel told us: “It’s now common for influencers to prefer certain cities like Dubai. I personally love Dubai.

“In Dubai, for example, you can live out the influencer life perfectly.

“There are incredibly beautiful photo locations, restaurants and bars and of course beach clubs."

She added: “If you can take photos and stories in such locations, you can present the ‘high life’ image very well.

“There really is no limit to parties in Dubai, the craziest events are organised to attract attention.”

And, the model and Instagram star spends a small fortune on her trips to the glittering city.

She explained: “On average, my one-week Dubai trips cost me around €10-15,000 [£8,500-£12,800].

“However, one has to say that is common in Dubai to get to the trendy beach clubs or restaurants where you have to spend a minimum amount per table or lounger.

“There are beach clubs where you have to drink for at least €1000 [£850], for example, otherwise you can’t get in.

“I also have some very successful friends in Dubai who like to spend a lot of money in one evening.”

Cansel funds the travel herself or takes brands up on their offers ahead of events as part of her work.

But, she noted that that’s not the only way influencers can fund their travel to luxurious and exotic locations.

The blonde bombshell commented: “It's hard to believe, almost every day on Instagram I get offers from fans and apparently wealthy men to fly on vacation with me.

“However, these messages are not relevant to me.”

Cansel works throughout her holidays, she said: “On vacation, where you should actually relax and rest as a normal person, you start to work even harder as an influencer.”

And, her most important item to bring is her lighting.

She commented: “The most important item that must not go missing are my portable lamps.

"I can't get a good professional picture without my lighting.”

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