‘I work in a hotel and I know how to find bedbugs’

TikToker shares how to check hotel room for bed bugs

Bedbugs are thought to have been around for millions of years but they’re currently causing a panic in Paris.

Worried people have shared videos claiming to be of the bugs crawling all over the French capital’s metro seats and in cinemas.

Bedbugs can easily travel home with tourists either on their clothing or in their luggage and they’re incredibly hard to get rid of.

So how can tourists avoid an infestation?

A hotel worker, Halee, shared her advice on TikTok @haleewithaflair, and said the key is to turn out the lights when guests enter their hotel room.

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She said: “This is how I check my room before I unpack and get settled into the room. The first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure your room is dark.

“Turn off lights, close any shades and use the flashlight on your phone. While everything is off, you’re going to come up here under the covers.

“This one does have a mattress pad but you’re going to check under all the creases.”

Halee demonstrated how tourists should check under the creases of their bed and lift up the sheets to check for bedbugs. She added: “They usually like to hang out in the corners and the creases.”

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The hotel worker even lifts up the hotel’s mattress to check if any of the bugs are hiding beneath it.

She warned: “Even if you don’t see bugs, make sure you check for spots, like blood spots because that’s not a good sign either.”

Tourists should never place their luggage on the bed. It’s best to keep it on a hotel luggage rack or on the floor to avoid contamination.

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Hallee reminded guests it’s not just the bed that could be a target for bedbugs. The creatures could also hide on an ironing board or in the room’s curtains.

The bugs are usually about 5mm long and dark yellow, red or brown in colour while the eggs are white.

Holidaymakers should wash their clothes on a hot wash if they’re concerned about bedbugs and inform their hotel immediately.

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