Iconic beach by Greek party town to close to tourists for entire summer

Brits planning to hit one of Greece' s most famous beaches this summer are set to be left disappointed, as it's being closed to tourists for the season.

Navagio beach, renowned for being the home of the Zakynthos Shipwreck, has always been a firm favourite with tourists for the views, with plenty of boat tours and day trips on offer for those staying in party town Zante.

Under the new rules, access to the bay will be banned both by sea and land, until the end of October.

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It'll be a blow to those who were hoping to hit the beach and take the iconic selfies by the shipwrecks, as it means tourists won't be able to enjoy it over summer.

Officials have decided to make the move due to a risk of landslides in the area, according to local reports.

However, some reports suggest that you will still be able to take a boat tour near the area to enjoy the views of the shipwreck from afar, although you won't be able to disembark or be on the beach itself.

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Of course it's not all bad news for Brits. The island of Zakynthos has plenty of gorgeous beaches, not to mention it's also famed for its party scene.

In fact, Brits have earned quite the reputation on the island, becoming infamous for partying hard in Laganas.

Tourists and locals have even complained that the area "infested with Brits" on Tripadvisor.

One grumpy holidaymaker wrote: : "Absolutely trash, the place is full of sex shops and pubs. Litter also lines the curbs of the road and ruins this beautiful location. The beach if full of litter and it’s very overcrowded.

"Truly ruined by British tourism, there's a sunburn Brit around every corner. The place is infested with Brits which ruins the Greek heritage the island has to offer."

Another described the strip as "dirty and seedy", while one reviewer from London noted: "Awful backdrop of tacky kebab restaurants and cocktail bars, a thin strip of sand packed with loungers, not the clearest water and lots of beach sellers."

Nick Channing, from Hungary, added: "Great place if you’re a teenager or looking to get wasted. But not particularly clean and littered with rather inebriated tourists."

One person for the Netherlands added: "There is nothing Greek about this street that mainly consists out fast food restaurants and clubs for the young British tourist who likes to get hammered at Laganas."

Do you think Brits deserve the reputation for partying too hard? Let us know in the comments below.


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