‘I’m a flight attendant and you should never drink tea or coffee on a plane’

Going on holiday is exciting, but it can also be stressful, tiring and draining.

Especially if you’re on an early flight and so have had to get up at the crack of dawn.

One way most of us like to perk ourselves up is a nice cup of tea or coffee on the plane – but you may change your mind after reading this.

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Flight attendant Kat Kamalani, @katkamalani, noted that most crew members avoid drinking anything made with water from the plane.

Rather than the teabags or coffee beans or granules being the issue it’s the water itself that she says is dirty.

She said: "Rule number one, never consume any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle."

Sometimes canisters of hot water, tea or coffee on planes apparently come from the taps on the flight, which Kat says is a problem.

She noted: "Those water tanks are never cleaned and they are disgusting. So, talk to a flight attendant – we rarely, rarely drink the coffee or tea."

She claimed that they were cleaned generally only when they broke.

So, she recommended people avoid drinking the hot drinks and instead opt for beverages that are sealed.

Kat also noted parents should avoid hot water from the tank in their baby’s bottles.

She said that instead, parents can ask for a bottled water with hot water on the side, pour the bottled water into the baby’s bottle and put the bottle into the cup filled with hot water to heat it.

Cierra Mist, who has 3.1million followers on TikTok, also shared more tips.

She commented: "Here are some secrets about flight attendants and pilots that I bet you didn’t know.

"Unless we’re super desperate we will not drink the coffee or tea that’s supplied on the plane. The water that we use for the coffee and the tea come from the same spot and, guess what? It never gets cleaned."

Expanding on the issue, Cierra added: "While the airlines may tell passengers they do ‘regular water quality tests’ we are told that it’s about six to nine months for even one test on one plane. And they’re not going to clean out that tank unless they find something."

But, there’s one other drink that flight attendants wish passengers wouldn’t order.

Jet, a member of the cabin crew who writes a blog about her time on planes, asked people not to order fizzy drinks when flying at 35,000ft.

Writing on her online blog, Jet explained: "Soft drinks foam up a lot more when poured out of a can – I literally have to sit and wait for the bubbles to fall before I can continue pouring.

"If all three passengers ask for fizzy drinks, I'll often get them started, take another three drink orders, serve those, and then finish them."

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