‘I’m an American expat living in the UK – your customs are just plain weird’

American Andrea Celeste (@anndreacelleste) who relocated to London in 2015, has posted a selection of videos detailing the cultural differences between England and the US, with many of the customs baffling Americans. 

In her amusing videos, titled, “Things that are socially acceptable in England that would confuse Americans” she talks about the differences in her day-to-day life from everything from drinks to gun ownership.

Her followers are loving the insights. In one video she explains the differences with food shopping. When it comes to cereals she can’t understand the lack of choice in the UK.

She said: “There’s a lot of big brand breakfast cereals in England but nothing compared to the US. You walk into a supermarket in the US and there’s always a humongous selection”

She also talks about advertising sugar to children. She said: “There was a poster on the Tube advertising cake but it had to be changed.”

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One noticeable difference that stands out for Andrea was police weapons. She said: “Most policemen won’t routinely carry firearms. It’s a weird one to come home because the majority of police in America will carry firearms everywhere.”

In another video, she said: “In England, you get a gun from a private seller and there are stricter restrictions and there are also check-ins. In the US, you can buy a gun at Walmart.”

When it comes to banking, she explained: “Drive-through banks aren’t as common as they are in the US. Drive-through banks are literally everywhere in the US and you can do everything from deposits to withdrawals.” 

When it comes to service in stores, the ‘service’ you receive is very different from that in the States, Andrea said. She explained: “Service workers like cashiers and retail workers don’t typically start conversations with people to the extent that they do in America.”

On her site, Andrea has also created little skits depicting life in the UK and trying to explain the often confusing expressions,  to an ‘American’. In one, she’s sitting on a sofa talking to a ‘friend’ using the common expression, “taking the p.ss”. 

She is having to ‘translate’ it by explaining it means, “taking the mickey; making fun of her”.

In another clip, Andrea emphasizes the differences when it comes to ordering certain drinks. “If you order lemonade in the UK you will usually get a carbonated lemon drink,” she said. “In the US, you will get what Brits called, Cloudy Lemonade which is the sugary lemon drink that isn’t carbonated”. 

When it comes to garage sales, she said: “In England it’s a car boot sale. It’s the same concept except in England it’s selling things from your car boot or trunk”.

In another video, Andrea describes ‘going camping’ in England isn’t like going to a campground or forest.  She said: “It’s usually pitching a tent in a campsite, on a field. Instead of huge RVs, you’ll see campervans or caravans”. 

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