Inside Albania’s stunning Caribbean-like riviera with eight nights from £115

We Brits love a holiday where there’s plenty of sun, sand and sea.

However, the cost of a week in Spain or Portugal is gradually climbing.

While there are still plenty of cheaper deals out there for popular European hotspots, some tourists are looking for the next big thing.

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Albania has seen skyrocketing popularity recently as Brits look to stay in a cheaper, less well known location.

Plus, we’re swiftly discovering the incredible beauty of the region – especially its glorious riviera.

The Balkan country might not bring to mind images of blue sea and white sand – but did you know it sits just above gorgeous Greece?

This means that some areas are the perfect place to jet off to – and they can be super cheap too.

One of the most stunning areas of Albania’s riviera is Ksamil which has been likened to the Caribbean by visitors.

The village sits in Southern Albania within Butrint National Park and it has everything you could want from a holiday.

Areas of outstanding beauty include the Ksamil islands which you can seek out on boat trips and wander among the docks to stare at the crystal clear Ionian Sea.

Other beauty spots include Lori Beach where the land rises against the white sandy bay and Bora Bora beach which boasts pool clubs and plenty to do.

But, the best part of a stay in Ksamil is the price – you can stay for eight days for as little as £115 on Airbnb or

Where to stay

Those looking to save as much money as possible should look to rent an Airbnb.

You can rent a double room in a pretty Albanian villa directly in Ksamil from just £16 per night in mid-May.

Around the same time, the White Cave tiny home on Airbnb is available from just £13 – that’s just £104 for an eight night stay.

Plus, it’s just three minutes from the beach.

Service fees are also applicable, but they can be as low as £11 for the duration of your stay.

Those who prefer a slightly more luxury option can head to for pretty hotel and apartment options.

One of the top rated apartments in the area is Apartments Neri.

The rooms sit in the centre of Ksamil and have views of the Ionian Sea and Corfu island.

Kitchens are available in the apartments so you can save even more money and it’s a short walk to the beach.

An eight day stay in June will set you back from £43.50 – at a total cost of £348.

Other options include the glam Hotel Castle which, you guessed it, looks like a European castle.

It’s just three miles from the national park and the terrace has gorgeous sea views and a great restaurant.

There’s a private beach area for you to relax on and you can take tours such as mussel tours of Lake Butrint or bike tours of the local area.

An eight day stay in June is more expensive at Hotel Castle at £733.

Equally, the three star Hotel Four Islands is cheap and cheerful with bikes available and cooking facilities in the room.

You’re just yards from Ksamil Beach and pretty Bora Bora Beach too!

Eight nights at the Hotel Four Islands costs a tiny £316 – meaning you’ll pay just £39.50 a night to stare out at the bright blue waters.

The busiest months for travel to Ksamil are July and August which see the weather soar to around 32C.

But, it is hot enough to visit from April where there are highs of 20C to October which has highs of 23C.

How to get there

Wizz Air offers flights from the UK to Tirana, Albania’s capital from £54 for a round trip.

From there, it’s around a four hour drive to Ksamil though taxis can be expensive.

There is a direct AlbanianBus that runs once a day from Tirana to Ksamil and in the reverse during the tourist season – but you should book ahead to avoid missing out.

All prices were correct at the time of publication, however, they are subject to change and variation at any time.


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