‘Lesser-known’ Mediterranean town is ‘beautiful’ and authentically Greek’

Katakolon is the gateway to the Archeological Site of Olympia, best known for its status as a cruise port.

The Greek town has been a central location for cruise ships since the 1940s, but the picturesque spot is lesser known by tourists who arrive by other means.

Recommended by travel experts at Iglu Cruise, the destination is ideal for a late summer getaway thanks to its consistently warm climate – with temperatures peaking at 27C on average in September and 23C in October.

They claimed: “With sparkling turquoise waters, numerous traditional tavernas and the warmth of a friendly, local community, Katakolon is the perfect place to explore on foot in the sunshine, where you’ll find museums, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides.

“This beautiful, sleepy town is the perfect place to unwind away from the crowds and enjoy some peace in one of the lesser-known but equally beautiful corners of mainland Greece.”

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The seaside town is conveniently located on the west coast of the Peloponnese, the most popular region on the Greek mainland.

Just 320km southwest of the famed city of Athens, Katkolon is home to a quaint harbour which is within walking distance of the idyllic fishing village.

Despite being on the mainland, the destination is reminiscent of a small island thanks to its signature Greek features, as described by travel guide and blogger, Matt Barrett.

He wrote: “In all likelihood Katakolon and the surrounding area may be the most authentically Greek place on your cruise itinerary with the exception of Athens’ port of Pireaus.”

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He explained that the seaside town is home to an array of tavernas and shops and is “wonderful” for those interested in visiting nearby Ancient Olympia.

The archaeological site features excavations from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Era, giving tourists an impressive insight into the history of Ancient Greece.

On-site is the Ancient Stadium where the Olympic Games were held, the Temple of Hera, and the Temple of Zeus – the ruins of which act as “a portal to the past”, according to the cruise experts

Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the sights that Katkolon has to offer, or embark on their own adventure by simply wandering through the small village.

Patra-Araxos airport is the closest one for those flying to the Greek seaside spot, and reportedly operates with low-cost charter flights during the summer months, according to Tripadvisor.

The closest international airports, however, are  Zakynthos Airport (on Zakynthos Island, two hours away) and Kalamata Airport (mainland Greece).

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