Magaluf tourist slams hotel covered in ‘sex stains, dirty sheets and mould’

A group of young women who went on their first group holiday as pals were gobsmacked by the state of their Magaluf hotel.

The holidaymakers, from the UK, decided to go away together stayed at the HM Martinique in Majorca, Spain, but were allegedly confronted with “dirty sheets”, “c*m stained couched” and “mould”.

Casey runs WeMembers an “all girls members club” where women meet up monthly for socials and often go on holiday together.

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Having met some new pals at an event, Casey and her new friends – all aged between 22 and 26 – headed to the party town of Magaluf.

The area is known for its cheap pints, all night parties and sunny weather, but the women were left disappointed by their experience.

Casey said: “It was a crazy experience.

“Thankfully it wasn’t one of our official members club socials – we went on our first holiday after meeting at one previously but it definitely bought us girls closer together.

“We stayed for the duration as it was only a few days thank goodness.”

Speaking to Daily Star about her negative experience in Magaluf, Casey claimed: “We complained while we were there.

“The staff didn’t give us a different room for the leaking they just came to ‘fix’ it, the two receptionists told us it wasn’t their problem.

“In the end, after countless issues we went to the manager to gave us a late checkout and a new place to shower in before we flew and all inclusive for the final day we were there.

“However, myself and one other girl are still sick six months later from the mould!”

On the social club’s TikTok account, @wemembers, Casey’s video of everything that went wrong at the hotel went viral.

In the clip, she commented on the hotel’s downfalls she sarcastically titled it: “Things in my 4-star Magaluf hotel that just make sense.”

Then, Casey listed everything that was wrong noting: “The lobby ATM that takes your money but doesn’t give you the cash.”

She showed the “broken bin” in the room that didn’t open.

Casey added: “The inflatable that you’re not allowed to use in any of the pools.

“A room that never gets cleaned.”

Zooming in on an electrical outlet she showed that it was completely popped out of the wall with the wires exposed.

Casey also claimed there were cleanliness issues including: “Dirty towels, dirty bedsheets, air con broken and flooding".

Water seemed to drip into the room from the conditioning system.

The hotel guest alleges there was “mould after one day” of the water issue.

Plus, the group noticed what they called “c*m stains on the sofa.”

According to the women, they were irritated at “being told to shhh on your balcony by staff at 10pm".

Casey noted that five to 10 other women from the members club socials go on holiday every so often, but “thankfully theirs went a lot better than ours did".

In the comments section, people weighed in with their thoughts.

Alice said: “OMG we stayed there – six drinks a day which you could only drink at dinner and tea and not around the pool – only wine, beer or sangria.”

The six drink rule for all-inclusive guests in the area is part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

Lauren added: “Stayed there this year and got SO poorly from their AirCon!

“I was on steroids for my chest as soon as I got back.”

Meanwhile, Alicia noted: “When I stayed there, the manager and the security guard both barged into the room at like 8am.

“Didn’t knock or anything, I was passed out naked.

“Apparently we were having a party and was screaming down the hallways, which we weren’t.”

“Four star abroad isn’t the same as four star here,” noted Chris.

Some posters did say that they “loved it” at the hotel back in 2018 and said there was “not a single problem".

Casey replied: “Just shows how bad the upkeep and cleanliness has been since.”

HM Martinique was contacted by Daily Star for comment.


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