Martin Lewis warns if you book holidays now you might not get your money back

Martin Lewis has warned Brits desperate to jet off on a summer break after a disastrous year for holidays in 2020 to be patient for a little longer – warning flights may not be refunded if they can't travel.

The Money Saving founder said to only book holidays "if you can afford to lose money" on ITV's Martin Lewis Money Show on Thursday (February 11).

It's currently illegal to travel abroad for holidays and the government will not give an update about the lockdown restrictions until February 22.

People watching Martin Lewis' show tweeted him for holiday advice, with many confused that airlines already accepting bookings although it's not been announced when lockdown will end.

Speaking on his show, Martin says: "You are not allowed to go on holiday in the UK at the moment, from the UK whether to the UK or abroad.

"But you are allowed to book a holiday – the government is just saying it doesn't think you should do so.

"To be really absurd, I could book a holiday for tomorrow, it would only be if I went on that holiday that I'd be breaking the law.

"So it is up to you whether you book or not but we do not know what the future situation is going to look like.

"I can't tell you whether you will be able to get a refund on that holiday, insurance almost certainly won't cover it.

"It depends on the travel firm's policy.

"And I'd only book now if you can either afford to lose the money or you have some type of travel firm guarantee that you'll get the money back."

Holidaymakers are usually only allowed to get a refund if the flight is cancelled and some journeys are still taking place for essential purposes, such as work that can't be done from home, education, and family emergencies.

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