‘My husband got business class seat – leaving me and baby in economy for 14 hrs’

A mum was outraged to discover her husband had booked himself a fancy business class seat while leaving her and their toddler in economy.

The anonymous parent posted on Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable to be upset.

She explained that her husband was going on a work trip for a week and had asked to take his wife and two-year-old son along for a holiday.

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While her husband had been purchased a business class seat for the 14 hour flight by his company she – a stay-at-home mum – and their child weren’t so lucky.

The mum insisted she would only go if her other half booked a premium economy seat for both her and their son so they would be comfortable.

However this didn’t happen…

She commented: “DH [Dearest Husband] said fine no problem, had lots of points to use.

“Booked the flights. Told me had booked premium.

“Six weeks later I discover he'd lied & basically booked the cheapest economy tickets available (no seat reservation option/upgrade option). “

The mum was fuming and tried to ring the airline to adjust their seats but was told that premium economy was fully booked – and that the upgrade would cost £2,000 one-way.

She added: “I said no. I didn't think much of it, just that at check in I would be able to choose seats.

“Anyway I've tried to check in three days before and I can only check in at airport.

“DS [Dearest son] and I have been allocated seats middle and aisle.

“We are next to each other which is great but not ideal, I would have wanted window/middle (got an inflatable foot rest with the hope DS can sleep as its a night flight but now can't use).”

She admitted that she’d gone “nuts” at her husband over the scenario.

The mum wrote: “I think he's a selfish p***k that was too tight to book a seat reservation when making the booking.

“Meanwhile he laps it up in business class.

“Am I being unreasonable to drag him out of business class so he can do his share of parenting?

“I doubt we can swap half way through but did wonder if he could take DS to sleep with him as he will be able to lie down…”

In the comments, people's opinions were mixed – but most agreed her husband was in the wrong.

One person said: "It is a bit cr**py of him… he won't be able to take [son] with him to first class though as he doesn't have a seat booked there."

Another wrote: "The '14hr flight with one toddler will be hell' nonsense is just that. Nonsense.

"It's completely doable as long as YOU actually want to do it."

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"I'd be furious," exclaimed another while a third added: "What is his excuse for lying straight to your face? I wouldn't be going at all in these circumstances."

Another frothed: "Either cancel and don't go or you sit in first class and he has the joy of parenting in cattle class."

However, others had sensible solutions at hand.

One mum wrote: "One of you goes economy with DS on way there, and the other one does on the way back. Only fair way."

"If you can’t swap he can upgrade your seats too," another noted.

The mum returned to provide an update and added: “I never wanted to go in the first place.

“I’ve already had a massive row with him about it today and told him to f**k off.

“I’ve only ever flown with toddler on my own but longest flight has been three hours all before he turned two.”

She sobbed: “I think what's made me more mad is how he doesn't think it’s an issue and says it will be 'fine'.

“I’m sure it will be fine in business class…”

Some commented that he may have avoided upgrading the seats due to the extortionate cost, but the mum added that "money [was] not an issue" as "he has lots of it" though she didn't have access to the credit card.

In the end, it turned out that her husband had also booked them onto a separate plane entirely for the journey home…

A fellow mother wrote: 'I wouldn’t be going and it would be the end of the relationship.

"This isn’t about travelling in business class.

"This is about him lying and doing the opposite of what you said, with no regards to you or your son."

"Just don't go. You didn't want to go anyway," wrote another.

What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments…


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