Office workers earn £1,225 a year – for time spent planning holidays at work

One in ten office workers have been caught red-handed as they spend approximately 65 hours of their working year – planning their next holiday.

A poll of 1,000 employees, who work in an office, found that half of respondents earn up to £1,225 a year for the hours they spend planning their next holiday destination (70%), or daydreaming about already being away on a trip (49%).

Nearly half of those polled (47%) spend this time imagining being on the beach, while 41% fantasise about seeing the sights, and 36% daydream about the food they are going to eat.

And January is typically the month where the most hours will be spent daydreaming about and planning their next trip, with 64% experiencing the January blues.

Six in ten (61%) feel the need for a warm beach holiday the most during this bleak time of year – as they start to miss the feeling of warm sun, the beautiful scenery, and the sound of crashing waves.

The research was commissioned by easyJet Holidays to mark the launch of its “Beach-in-a-Box”, to bring the sun, sea, and sand to homebound adults.

Paul Bixby, from easyJet Holidays, which has announced its sale on package getaways, said: “When you’re cooped up in the office, who can be blamed for daydreaming and discussing exciting plans.

“Our DIY beach-in-a-box has been designed to keep the holiday dream alive during the darker and colder months.

“It includes a backdrop of the scenic Mediterranean coastline, a wave sound simulator, and a UVB lamp which simulates the kiss of Spanish sunshine, to make up for everything people miss about a holiday.”

The research also revealed it has been an average of six months since the average Brit last had a break away – and more than a year for one in five.

Escaping the UK, the feeling of sand between toes, and swimming in the sea, are other things people miss when they are not by the coast, according to the stats by OnePoll.

A Place in the Sun’s Scarlette Douglas was the first to try the “Beach-in-a Box”.

She said: “I'm lucky to be able to frequently jet off to warmer climates, and feel most at home with the sand between my toes.

“I loved testing out this innovative kit from easyJet Holidays. It’s the perfect antidote to the winter blues, and almost as good as the real thing.”

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