People’s biggest holiday regrets from orgies and dodgy tattoos to buying a horse

Holidays give Brits an excuse to let loose, whether that's heading to a party town with 80p pints, descending upon a Greek hotspot to 'booze all night', or heading to Europe's budget answer to the Maldives.

While UK tourists have an infamous reputation for their wild antics, some holidaymakers have revealed the times they may have gone a little too crazy, whether that's drunken orgies, regrettable one night stands or, in one case, a person who accidentally bought a horse.

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Travel blogger and TikTok influencer Andreas Michalis recently took to the streets of Ayia Napa where he asked Brits to reveal their biggest holiday regrets, and some of their answers were truly jaw-dropping.

In the short clip, one unfortunate woman drinking in her bikini and enjoying the sun said that her biggest regret was "sh***ing someone who s**t on her floor".

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Meanwhile two lasses giggled together as they said they regretted "The orgy", followed by a lad who said he'd regretted "getting into a one day relationship and having to break up".

Of course a drunken romance can be left as a memory – but for some drunken Brits, their regrets come with a more permanent mark.

Fuelled by alcohol, some Brits decide it's time to get a tattoo. While some tattoo artists do oblige, one in Sunny Beach recently revealed he draws the line at one specific request; when people ask for a name.

During Channel 4's Emergency on Sunny Beach, the professional told the camera crew: "British people will come here, some of them, like, when they get drunk or something like that, they are not thinking straight.

"For example, tattooing something on their butt or something like that. Usually I kind of refuse to do names. You can't just draw a name to a person who is not thinking straight."

Still, last year one woman went viral after she revealed the hilarious tattoo she'd opted for after a heavy night out, despite having promised herself she'd always choose a tattoo while sober.

Other holiday regrets shared have been a little more wholesome.

In a Reddit thread about funny or awkward moments people had on holiday, one person admitted: "I accidentally bought a horse".

Another said they had overheard a woman ask for bread in Greece, which is 'psomi'. Unfortunately she used the word 'psoli' which means 'c**k'.

For one couple, a language barrier led to unexpected nudity.

They wrote: "My husband and I accidentally ended up sitting on a female only nudist beach in Lithuania. It was a huge beach and not very busy. Some women kept coming up to us and shouting in Russian which we didn’t understand at all. It was only when one of them made the universal sign for breasts that the penny dropped and we left the area quickly."

What's your wildest holiday memory? Let us know in the comments below!


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