Spain: British tourist thrown out by Magaluf police who warn of ‘tough action’

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Many Britons were dreaming of a holiday in Spain throughout the best part of the last 18 months, and now that international borders have reopened, the dream can finally come true.

For one British tourist, however, the dream soon turned into a nightmare.

After having trashed his hotel room and argued with staff and other guests, he was thrown out by police.

The police in Magaluf has gone on a massive “clean-up” operation and are taking tough actions to turn the resort around.

Armed police have even gone to the extent of banning fruit sellers from the beaches.

Holidaymakers were told not to buy from them if offered pineapple or melon slices or drinks.

The police said that one beach seller had been warned eleven times in the last fortnight but continues to go back.

Fines have now been raised to 600 euros.

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To shed Magaluf’s drunken holiday resort image and control behaviours, the Calvia council has put a new set of rules in place.

There is a ban on drinking alcohol in the street, selling alcohol after hours and on alcohol offers and party touts.

Party boats have also been banned.

The Balearic Government went one step further and has limited all-inclusive hotels.

It is unclear how much of a difference the new set of rules actually made to Magaluf.

Scenes of mayhem have returned to the resort, with one tourist being filmed surfing on top of a moving taxi.

Magaluf is known for its drunken mayhem and has yet to turn over a new leaf, despite the best efforts of the council and police.

Throughout summer, holidaymakers will see reinforced police patrols on the beaches.

The patrols will last until October 31.

Police are putting on a tough face, warning: “When we are here, there is no forgiveness”.

The latest crackdowns have been on fruit sellers.

Police said that the illegal sale of fruit and massages on the beach ignores hygiene rules.

There has also been a major crackdown on pickpockets with 100 arrests made so far.

The British tourist who trashed a hotel room was thrown out at the beginning of August, but no further details have been revealed.

Additional reporting by Rita Sobot


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