The UK destinations where seagulls are most likely to steal chips

Whether it’s a battered sausage or a portion of chips, a seagull is never far away when Brits are trying to enjoy a seaside snack.

A recent study from a team at the University of Sussex found that seagulls are actually more attracted to food that humans like.

The team found that the clever birds tend to watch humans to see what they eat and then opt for the same items.

While Britons could be at risk from a gull anywhere in the UK, there are a few hotspots where the thieving birds are at their strongest.

A 2020 study by Caravan Guard found the UK’s worst spots for seagull theft by asking holidaymakers where they’d been targeted.

Worst spots for seagull attacks

  1. Brighton Beach
  2. Blackpool Beach
  3. Whitby Beach
  4. Cornwall town
  5. Scarborough Beach
  6. St Ives, Cornwall
  7. Woolacombe Beach, Devon
  8. London
  9. Bridlington Beach
  10. Hastings Beach

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Brighton Beach was recently named the UK’s favourite and apparently it’s not just popular with human visitors.

The pretty beach is where Britons are most at risk of having a seagull steal their chips or ice-cream cone.

It’s no surprise to see Blackpool Beach in second place on the rankings as the city’s Pleasure Beach fairground stalls offer plenty of scavenging opportunities for the birds.

Britons can’t even relax away from the coast with London landing just outside the top five in eighth position.

According to the RSPB, the tenacious birds tend to swoop at people because they associate them with food.

The bird charity advises people not to feed the gulls as this will only encourage them to approach in the hope of grabbing a snack.

The team at Caravan Guard advise that the best way to deter a marauding seagull is to raise your arms above your head and move away.

People should try to keep their food close to their body and avoid waving arms as this could make the bird agitated.

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