This quirky travel pillow is the travel must-have right now

You may look like you’re in some strange head brace, but this pillow is guaranteed to allow you some decent shut-eye on a long-haul flight.

Of all the variations on travel pillows out there, this one is something else. If you’re after comfort on a flight – and let’s face it -who isn’t, this blow-up pillow is going to tick all the boxes.

TikToker and law student Annie Wright (@anniesright) has posted a clip that has gone viral.

“When you’ve got the middle seat for a 13-hour plane ride,” she captioned the post.

We see Annie, sitting in the ‘dreaded’ middle seat slowly blowing up the cushion.

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It’s all about the shape of it. It certainly has way more support than your usual run-of-the-mill neck cushion.

This cushion, when blown up, has a 45-degree angle that supports not just the head but your neck as well.

When it’s fully inflated, it measures over 19 inches. You position the pillow with a face cut out, on your tray table and then lean forward ‘into’ it. 

Your arms feed through the holes on the sides. Then you have your back, and neck fully supported as well as allowing you to breathe more easily while you sleep.

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It comes with its own drawstring bag and it is super light. With the pillow comes an eye mask and ear plugs. 

Viewers of Anna’s video were impressed.

One wrote: “I’d put my Kindle in there with noise-cancelling headphones and forget where I am lol”

Another said: “I have this. it’s nice, unfortunately, it definitely has a height limit. if you’re over 5’7 I’d say it doesn’t work great.”

One said: “Omg excuse me?! This is what I had been missing my whole life”

Another wrote: “I would never book a middle seat”

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