‘I’m a flight attendant – there are meals you should avoid before flying’

A flight attendant has revealed her biggest flight secrets and hacks – especially if you're flying long-haul.

We Brits love a good holiday, but a lot goes into the planning and execution of time spent abroad. Not only do you have to find the perfect destination, but passports, visas, entry requirements, hotel bookings and planning what you'll do can all take time.

When you're jetting off on a long-haul trip – that's where the flight takes six hours or more – those stressful decisions are only made more difficult. Especially, because keeping the kids entertained on the flight and the possibility of jet lag are added to the mix.

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Emirates Cabin Crew member, Sharlene Lowe, shared her top tips and recommendations from the best seat to book, to the meals and food you'll want to avoid.

Check out her top tips below…

When planning your trip

Avoid heavy meals before flying: Opt for light and easily digestible meals before you fly to prevent discomfort during the journey. I would also recommend limiting your caffeine consumption to maintain hydration and sleep quality.

Pick the perfect seat for you: I prefer having a window seat so I can rest my head against it to get a better sleep. However, I know others who prefer sitting by the aisle so they can easily get up and move around the plane without disturbing the passengers around them. If extra legroom is key for you, you can sink into wider seats and enjoy extra room to stretch out on raised cushioned leg rests in Emirates’ spacious Premium Economy seats.

Break up your journey: Another tip would be to add in a stopover on your journey if you can. It’s a great way to stay refreshed on long-haul flights, and if you stopover in somewhere like Dubai, there are so many amazing activities and sights to take in.

While on the plane

Wear comfortable clothing: I would suggest wearing loose, breathable fabrics and bringing a couple of extra layers of clothes with you. Sometimes the aircraft temperature can be slightly colder or warmer than you expect, so it’s best to be prepared for changing temperatures to ensure your comfort throughout the journey.

Stay limber: It’s important to keep your blood flowing and prevent stiffness by moving and stretching regularly during long periods of being seated. This also applies to layovers – stay active by taking short walks or doing light exercises to keep your body active and reduce fatigue.

Self-care is key: A trusty neck pillow and earplugs are a must on long-haul flights. Additionally, I recommend taking a small bottle of moisturiser with you to keep your skin hydrated, as the long journey and cold aircraft temperature can dry out your skin.

When you arrive

Keep refreshed with power naps: When adjusting to different time zones, strategic power naps can be your best friend. Aim for shorter naps (ideally around 20-30 minutes) to help you recharge and stay refreshed without disrupting your regular sleep schedule. Try and take these naps during the afternoon or early evening at your destination's local time to help your body adjust more smoothly to the new time zone.

Get some sun: Natural light helps to maintain your circadian rhythm. Spend time outdoors in the sunlight, especially during the morning, as it will reset your body clock and help you adjust to the new time zone.

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