Travel expert shares ‘massive’ mistake Britons make on holiday

As prices soar in the UK and Europe, it’s become increasingly tricky to keep costs down on holiday.

Casey Major-Bunce, blogger at @majormumhacks, shared her top tips to save money on a family holiday with

Casey said: “This is a massive one. Before you go to your holiday destination, check if you can drink the water.

“I see so many people walking around on holiday with gallons of shop-bought water, and I always wonder why. Places like Italy, Spain, France and Portugal all have safe drinking water.”

Tap water is safe to drink in many top European holiday destinations including Germany and mainland Greece.

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Not everywhere has safe drinking water and tourists should check before they set off on holiday. Tap water should be avoided on Greek islands.

Casey added: “When we go abroad, we always take small squeezy concentrated juice from Robinsons or Lidl has one.

“It saves so much money on buying the kids juice all day. If you have one child and they want four juice drinks a day, then over a week you could be spending over £50.”

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Small squeezy bottles are available for around £1.50 and fit within hand luggage liquid limits at 60ml.

She added: “If you can fit extra stuff in your luggage, then pop to places like Poundland and Home Bargains and grab yourself some snorkelers, inflatables and even a bucket and spade.

“You can save so much doing this as the kids will want this stuff and it’s so expensive when you’re abroad, almost three times the amount.”

A deflated inflatable should easily fit within luggage and could save Britons a small fortune entertaining their kids on holiday.

Casey added: “Look up excursions before you go and book direct from local companies. You can save up to 60 percent by booking before you go.” checked out how much Britons could save by booking tickets online for some well-known attractions.

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