Travel secrets: The most luxurious hotel has ‘wonderful’ feature for ‘jealous men’

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Channel 4 series The World’s Most Luxurious Holidays explores the most amazing hotels, villas and island escapes on the planet.

Marrakech is home to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world: the Royal Mansour Grand Riad.

The hotel butler revealed some of the hotel’s best-kept secrets.

Mohammed Fadil, the butler of the five-star hotel, said some of the most exclusive guests, including royals, often tell him their secrets.

He said: “Sometimes they tell you about their own life, but they expect you to keep this secret.

“I wish I could say, but it’s part of my job to keep it a secret,” Mohammed explained.

Privacy is the most important thing for VIP guests, such as politicians or celebrities, and one of the qualities they value the most in a hotel.

The butler explained: “The guests don’t want to see you the whole day.

“But if they need anything, of course, you need to be close.”

The Grand Riad hotel is designed as a traditional riad home.

A riad is a type of Moroccan property with an interior garden or courtyard.

It is often associated with palace architecture.

The second floor of a riad is designed as a private floor for the residents or guests.

Mohammed explained: “We have the mashrabiya, to keep your privacy.

“You can see what’s going on outside without being seen.”

The butler explained Moroccan architecture always include a mashrabiya “because in the past men were really jealous about their wives”.

“It’s really wonderful, especially in the morning when you open the window,” he said.

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Mashrabiyas are wooden screens that once masked the exteriors of buildings.

They symbolise the legendary mystery of the Orient and they were mainly used to protect privacy.

Mohammed added that as a butler something he never does “is touching the carpet or the curtains”.

“Because the housekeeping team I know they spend a lot of time arranging this so I try to avoid touching anything.”

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