Yacht stewardess on why ‘the helicopter pilot’ may get fired any time

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The crew member shared with Express.co.uk the trait that “all rich, millionaires and billionaires” she has met “have in common”. “They are all very impatient,” she revealed.

“They can be super nice but if they want something, it has to be ‘now’. They are not used to waiting around,” she said.

The stewardess explained they often get mad when they can’t get “whatever it is they want that day”.

She said: “When for some reason, we have to deny them something, they don’t like it.”

The crew member explained that sometimes this has to do with restaurant bookings and not being able to get the table they want, “although this rarely happens”.

“When a restaurant has no tables available, we just offer X amount of money or we say they will spend a minimum amount, which is a lot of money.

“This is how you get impossible tables at restaurants!” she revealed.

“Other times, for example, flying the helicopter is not possible due to weather conditions, and they hate it.

“If the owner wants to go for a ride around let’s say Menorca but the helicopter pilot says that is not possible for safety reasons, they get mad.

“I’ve seen helicopter pilots getting fired because of this,” the yacht stewardess admitted.

Millionaires enjoy spending time on their yacht because it gives them the privacy and freedom to go wherever they want and feel at home, and it’s a comfortable means of exploring and travelling the world.

They can pull into a beautiful marina, and walk over to the most glamorous restaurants with their friends and family for a fantastic dinner.

However, others prefer hiring a private chef to have the most amazing dinners on board and host the most luxurious parties.

Talking about the millionaires’ daily routine on board their superyacht, she explained: “They usually wake up and have breakfast, but it depends a lot on the family.

“There are families who like to have breakfast together, others don’t. Some wake up very early, others wake up late.

“Then in the morning, if we are parked at a port they like to practice water sports with their ‘expensive toys’, or they just sunbathe.

“Then they have lunch, they have a nap and they usually chill by the pool for a bit…”

However, the stewardess explained the “main thing” for them are the nights and the parties they host.

“They all love to have parties where they invite a lot of people.

“They also invite celebrities… I have actually seen a lot of famous people on our yacht,” she revealed.

While discussing whether money can buy happiness, the crew member commented: “Money doesn’t buy happiness. I’ve seen very rich people feeling very miserable on the yacht, but I have also seen very rich and very happy. Money helps, but I think that ‘level’ they have doesn’t make them happier.”

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