Tripadvisor’s ‘best beach in Britain’ looks like a Greek island

A beach in Wales has been dubbed one of the most beautiful in the world with its dazzling views reminding people of Greek islands.

With travel restrictions constantly changing and the pandemic still raging on, many Brits are opting to spend their summers enjoying beaches in the UK.

But we don't have to miss out, as Rhossili Bay regarded as the best beach in the UK by Tripadvisor, has three miles of golden sand along a blue vision of a coastline.

A beach like this is exactly the kind of location that people would flock today on a foreign vacation. However, the benefit here being that you can avoid risk of quarantine.

This top quality beach emulates one you might find in south France or even the Greek islands on the right day. The beach is covered everyday by an incoming tide, meaning it is unspoilt and clean – perfect for families.

2Chill member Sofia Lewis went so far as to call it “without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world”.

Rating it five stars, she continued, “It's just a 40-minute drive from Swansea, but be aware it can take longer in the summer season depending on traffic.

“The beach is three miles of sand, so there is always plenty of room to set up space on the beach itself.”

When the tide is out, the beach expands far and wide and locals say there is always a free spot away from others – giving it the feeling of a private island somewhere slightly more tropical than Wales, dare we suggest.

With Sofia’s gushing review, it will come as no surprise to hear Rhossili Bay was not only voted Tripadvisor’s best beach in Britain, but also third best in Europe and ninth-best in the world.

There is plenty to do if you don’t fancy spending all day sunbathing or swimming though.

If you are interested in water sports, Sofia says, “it is also incredible for surfing and there are plenty of local surf schools available for booking.”

The beach is also dog friendly all year round if you’d rather wander along the sand or the Welsh coastal path which takes you along the headland.

A 40 minute walk or half hour drive away is the quaint village Rhossili, home to a café, restaurant, a National Trust shop and other visitor attractions.

From here, you can walk to Worm’s Head, an island off the Gower peninsula. Ensure you plan your journey ahead though, as you can only reach the island during low tide.

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