Visitors baffled by picturesque cliffs leave unimpressed TripAdvisor reviews

Before booking a holiday, often we check out the reviews.

Those who have visited Ireland will most definitely know about the Cliffs of Moher.

The gorgeous landmark is popular among visitors with over 14,000 excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

Now the Irish Mirror reports that some unimpressed visitors had a lot to say about the popular hotspot.

One American tourist wasn't pleased by the safety precautions taken on the cliffs.

Bobby said: "Continuous 4.5 foot flagstone slabs set 15ft from the cliff edge have been placed around the most scenic areas.

"Presumably it's to keep idiots and small children from falling off."

He added: "The result is often that only the top halves of the cliffs are visible even for someone quite tall like myself.

"The brochure I was given mentioned puffin birds on a lower cliff, but this was completely obscured by the barriers."

Meanwhile the visitor centre replied to the tourist's review, claiming it's to ensure locals keep a safe distance.

They said: "There are three main viewing platforms at the Visitor Experience, the main platform, and one North & South.

"You can also view the Cliffs from the top of O'Brien's Tower entrance is included with your admission ticket."

Also an Australian visitor complained about the amount of people there, calling it the "cliffs of more tourists".

They continued: "Friends told me this was an unspoiled spot when they visited years ago."

Another visitor, believed to be from the Netherlands, said: "The cliffs are spectacular.

"But there are so many people, that you feel like a sardine in a can.

"We went to the Fogher cliff on Valentia Island. No-one around, beautiful cliff, but way smaller than the Cliffs of Moher."

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And one German tourist visited when it was very foggy.

They were fuming they didn't get a discount too.

Their review read: "They charged the same price even if you can't see anything – 8€ per person. It's just a huge tourist trap!

"The cliffs are probably stunning but there are a lot of great sightseeing points along the coast as well!"

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