World’s best city for hidden bars and speakeasies is just two hours from the UK

Brits who love a boozy weekend away, but want to add an extra special layer to their night out need only hop across the channel according to a recent study. It turns out the the city of light, Paris, also has an underground world full of speakeasies and secret parties.

Speakeasies are a type of hidden bar that popped up during prohibition eras around the world – that’s when alcohol is banned and boozers have to turn to illegal secret clubs to get a drink. Of course, as alcohol is completely legal in Paris the bars are no longer breaking the law, but they’re still a lot of fun.

According to data gathered by Radical Storage, Paris, France, has a whopping 16 speakeasies making it the world capital of secret bars. The research also looked at the average Google rating for the hidden bars and the number of Instagram followers to create a "speakeasies index".

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Paris was found to have an overall rating of 9.42 due to its 16 secret bars boasting an average following of 13,753 people and a fab Google rating of 4.4. Those who want to visit can check out the top speakeasies on offer to bag incredible cocktails and sexy nights out.

The good news for Brits is that it's easy to reach the French capital, whether you take the Eurostar (which takes around two hours from London), or opt for cheap flights with the likes of easyJet and Ryanair, where you can find fares from £14.99 each way.

The most popular speakeasy in Paris is Little Red Door with over 45,000 followers. The bar is hidden behind a simple grey facade on the Rue Charlot in the third arrondissement. Head into the building and – you guessed it – through the red door to access the bar and sip on the various artistic cocktails inspired by social science and anthropology.

Little Red Door has been described as a “cocktail wonderland” and over on TripAdvisor has some rave reviews. Holidaymaker Rob wrote: “Rated as one of the world’s top bars, the Little Red Door creates masterpiece cocktails from unique ingredients supplied by artisan farmers and producers. Superb team and service. Ya gotta visit!”

Another popular hidden bar in Paris was Le Syndicat – boasting an industrial feel this cheeky cocktail bar was ranked as one of the world’s top 50 cocktail spots. Based on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis in the 10th arrondissement it’s covered in posters and graffiti that disguise the bar itself.

When you walk inside it feels like a grungy 1970s studio and celebrates hip-hop with cocktails based on music. There’s no food on offer though so make sure to stock up ahead of time.

One review stated: "Found this place a few years back, and I keep coming back, because they keep changing the menu every six months. Stayed for a couple of cocktails, still doesn’t disappoint. The music is still cool and the people make it a good evening."

Candelaria was the third highest ranked speakeasy in Paris. This fun spot is Mexican themed so when you find the entrance you can indulge in cocktails, tequila and, of course, tacos. Everything is made in-house and the vibes… are truly immaculate.

On TripAdvisor, a holidaymaker said: "They had a big party and a nice crowd that were dancing to Latin music… They have really good cocktails. I will recommend a tequila based drink."

Speakeasies in Paris:

  1. Little Red Door
  2. The Syndicates
  3. Candelaria
  4. Serpent A Plume
  5. The Lavomatics
  6. Le Bar De La Maison Souquet
  7. The Mezcaleria
  8. Moonshiner
  9. The Epicier
  10. 1905
  11. Rehab
  12. Secret 8
  13. Golden Promise
  14. No Entry
  15. Le Liquorium
  16. Le Bistrot Des Cinéastes

The second top rated city for speakeasies was Bangkok, in Thailand, with 11 hidden bars. The city is known for its backpackers, wild parties, ping pong bars and legal cannabis.

In third place was England's capital city London with 10 hidden bars within its winding alleys. London is home to the most hidden speakeasy, with Salotto 900 claiming the top spot with only 97 Instagram followers and no Google reviews at all.

Always drink responsibly. If you are concerned about your drinking visit your GP or head to for resources and advice.

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