Passengers urged to check seats ‘before rushing off the plane’

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Lost hold luggage has been a hot topic this summer, but many passengers might not think about the likelihood of losing other valuable items that they have in their possession. However, travel experts from StudentUniverse are urging passengers to be more aware of their personal belongings when onboard a flight, as they can unexpectedly go missing.

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Speaking to, Sam Willan, global vice president of marketing for StudentUniverse revealed there is one key check travellers should make that could save them a lot of stress.

He said: “Before rushing off the plane, it’s always worth doing one last sweep of your plane seat – you don’t want to arrive at your hotel to realise you left your wallet in the seat pocket.”

Many people use the seat pocket as a space to store items for easy access during their flight, especially on long-haul journeys.

However, this is a common culprit for personal belongings going missing.

Brett Manders, an international airline pilot, author of the book ‘Behind the Flight Deck Door – Insider Knowledge About Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask a Pilot’ and founder of the website Behind the Flight Deck Door, told Travel+Leisure he has been “amazed” by some items left behind onboard flights.

He explained: “I have done flights where passports, laptops, handbags, glasses, crutches and all manner of clothing has been forgotten.”

These items are sometimes found by cleaners while they are doing a turnaround of the plane.

Brett added: “It is quite an impressive thing to watch.

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“The crew go through and empty all the seat pockets and overhead lockers, checking for lost items, placing them on the seats.

“If goods are found, they are passed on to ground staff who will take the items to an airline or airport lost property.”

While there is a chance belongings will be handed in to the airport, there are times when they are gone for good.

This is why travel insurance is so important. Sam told “Travel insurance is extremely important.

“We can’t stress enough how important it is to travel with insurance, especially for any medical problems that should arise.

“When it comes to valuable items it gives travellers that extra peace of mind that their items are covered in any worst-case scenarios.”

When choosing your travel insurance, it’s important to read the small print and make sure it covers everything you are travelling with.

If you travel with laptops, cameras and other electronic equipment, you should ensure your travel insurance plan includes these items. Similarly, some policies do not cover jewellery above a certain price point or made from certain metals such as gold or platinum.

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