Five Star Alliance opens StarHub hotel booking tool to other agencies

FSA Travel, which operates hotel-focused travel agency Five Star Alliance in Washington, D.C., is making its proprietary booking platform StarHub Travel available to other agencies.

The platform can be branded to any agency and offers both rich content and a wide swath of published and unpublished rates, including those from consortia and private agency rates.

“It’ll take the lowest available rate and add the amenities onto it, so you don’t have to think about it and you can process it in seconds,” said John McMahon, CEO and owner of FSA Travel. “I found that our advisors were so much more productive than what the general advisor is doing to book travel, so it’s super simple.”

StarHub Travel has a dashboard with access to client and booking records. It also tracks revenue, manages commission payments and offers a self-booking version for clients.

In recent years, McMahon himself has been booking travel. He said he has showed StarHub to other agency owners, who showed interest, hence the decision to open the platform to other agencies. The target market is medium-size and large agencies.

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