Travelport develops desktop add-on with Navitas and Agentivity: Travel Weekly

Travelport has partnered with Navitas Solutions and Agentivity to create NavAgent, an add-on to Travelport’s desktop point-of-sale system that promises to help advisors better understand customer preferences. NavAgent is available to Travelport+ users around the world.

According to Travelport, NavAgent updates an agent’s Smartpoint display with details about the traveler as they engage with their advisor. It serves up things like purchase history, favorite suppliers, past and future bookings and unused ticket coupons.

The information, Travelport said, is “presented in a way that allows the agent to quickly and easily refer to relevant information as they engage with their customer.”

“Early trials confirm travel agents achieve higher quality engagement with their customers, while optimizing their time each day,” Travelport said.

Navitas is an agency desktop solution developer, and Agentivity is a travel agent data services and automation provider.

Agencies interested in NavAgent can go through their local Travelport account lead or their Travelport partner account contact to talk about the product and connect with Agentivity. Commercial agreements are negotiated directly with Agentivity, a spokesperson said.

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