TikTok of flight attendant packing Kitchen Air in carry-on goes viral

When it comes to packing your carry-on luggage, a few staples usually make the cut.

A change of clothes, perhaps your toothbrush and maybe even a few extra snacks between those in-flight meals.

But one air hostess, who goes by the name Dandelion Wind on TikTok, has given her 166k followers a glimpse into what she has packed on a recent interstate trip within the US.

Air hostess reveals what she packs in her carry-on.Source:Instagram

Air hostess reveals what she packs in her carry-on.Source:Instagram

The air hostess, who works for American Airlines, said that for this particular flight from LA to Oklahoma, she decided to pack a popular kitchen item in her carry-on rather than clothes and toiletries.

“I took my mum’s kitchen aid mixer from California,” she captioned her latest post on the social media platform.

“It was the only thing in my carry on. I checked my clothes and other belongings so I could keep this baby [kitchen aid] with me.”

This is what the air hostess packed in the bag.Source:TikTok TikTok

The kitchen aid was packed in to the carry on bag.Source:Supplied

Typically, domestic travel caters for two pieces of carry-on luggage, being a 7kg bag and a handheld piece such as a handbag.

Her post was quick to attract fellow travellers who have also packed unusual items in their carry-on.

“I’ve done this with an air mattress and bread,” one person wrote.

“I’ve done this with a mini tower fan before,” another added.

Last week, a TikTok star, former air hostess and social media influencer Kat Kamalani revealed the best bits about her gig.

Posting a video to her TikTok account, Ms Kamalani said the biggest perk about her job was not only that she gets to fly for free, but so does her husband and even her parents.

“The biggest perk and why we all want to be a flight attendant is that you fly for free,” she said. “Your spouse flies for free, your kids fly for free and even your parents fly for free. And if you don’t have a spouse, you can allot that to a companion – it doesn’t matter who.”

While each airline operates differently, and not all benefits are the same, Ms Kamalani said she is also allocated six “buddy passes” each year to give to friends and extended family members.

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