‘Counteractive’ Tourists warned not to ‘roll’ clothes

Simon Calder warns Britons about Christmas flights

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Looking to save money by travelling hand luggage only? Blake Walsh, a travel expert at Travel Lens, told Express.co.uk how Britons can save money on a holiday.

Blake said: “Packing a trip’s worth of necessities into a small suitcase might seem impossible, but avoiding the most common mistakes will make it a little less daunting.”

While budget airlines often have similar hand luggage guidelines, tourists should remember to check with their specific airline.

Blake said: “It is important to check the baggage regulations of the airline you’re flying with, most airlines abide by the same sizing and weight rules, however, there is often the chance that these rules have changed or vary from one another.

“The last thing you want is to think you’ve avoided the check-in fees to then find out your luggage needs to be put in with hold luggage.

“These expenses can increase once at the airport so you could be looking at paying upwards of £30 for this small mistake.

“If you are wanting to pack more, a soft suitcase can allow for more additional weight to be added, whereas a hard case weighs more on its own and therefore gives less leeway for additional weight.”

Tourists can be charged hefty fees if their luggage weighs too much so it’s important to check the airport’s guidelines.

A soft bag will give tourists more flexibility when it comes to adding additional items to their cases.

Many tourists roll their clothes when they pack as some experts say this creates more room in a suitcase.

However, Blake disagreed saying: “When it comes to packing your bag, one common mistake is rolling your clothes to make more space.

“This is actually a counteractive method with the rolling just making your clothes more likely to crease, whilst taking up as much space as they would if they were neatly folded.

“Packing any small items of clothing that are unlikely to crease into a small pouch can help relieve any possible empty space in the case.

“Opting to pack using packing cubes can also help save space as this will ensure all clothes are packed as tightly as possible.”

Packing cubes are a good option for many tourists as it also makes it easy to organise clothing.

If tourists are travelling with children they can just place the packing cubes straight into a hotel wardrobe.

Rolling clothes could leave creases which may be difficult to get out on in a holiday home or hotel.

Blake added: “There is also the possibility that you won’t be able to place your suitcase in the storage directly above your seat, meaning that it could be away from you on the plane.

“To help locate it once the plane lands, adding an identifiable feature can save time and stress.

“Tying a piece of colourful ribbon to your case, or choosing a case that’s a bright colour can help you identify it from those packed around it.”

A colourful ribbon is a cheap way of making a case more identifiable and easier to locate at the end of the flight.

Travel Lens offers advice and inspiration on its website. 

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